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2010-03-28 00:51:52 by TheSpiritsTeaBag

Good day! My name is Dylan Champion, a 15 year old male.

I've recently been watching some flashes here! And I must said, I'm impressed with the many artist who've been able to create such staler flashes to tickle my funny bone. They're certainly incredible and entertain me when I'm bored. I've always wanted to be able to animate as well as them, but I seem to be having many difficulties animating.

Anywho, I'm also the kind of person who enjoys good music. I love the guitar and the keyboard/Piano the most. My favorite type of genres are Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, 60's, 70's, 80's, Classico, Broadway, and ect...

I do many things during my spare time, such as draw, animate, play guitar, write stories/poetry, hang out with my friends, creating blogs, creating youtube videos with my friends, and watching cartoons (Movies & Shows).

I try to fill my reviews with the most information they can handle. I try to explain why or why not this flash was good; although, I'm a pretty nice critic. I hardly ever give out negative reviews ( a score of 5 or below), because I'm easily entertained, but if your flash seems depressing I may have to give it a negative review. Providing that the flash was suppose to funny.

If I give you a negative review I will always state, "why," the video was bad. And I'll probably give you some of my tips.

Well, anyways, that's about all I was to say about myself, so Sayonara! - Hoodie

P.S: If you have a terribly halirious video, in which you would desparitly need me to watch. Then please send it! I get bored of watching featured videos, so send me things that you find funny. And if you just uploaded a new video or one that your really proud of, and you want my feedback, please send it to me. I'm dying to see your flashes!


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2010-03-28 00:55:56

You should look around the collections


2010-03-28 00:56:16

Sorry to bother you and this has nothing pertaining to this post, but....

BOOYAKILL commenting on that post and saying whatever you did had nothing to do with it. Annoying? I think so. Probably as annoying as I am probably being to this poster now.


2010-03-28 01:29:19

Yep, now TheMurphness is becoming more of distraction.