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Entry #2

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2010-03-30 19:59:12 by TheSpiritsTeaBag

Hello and Good Day!

I've recently been looking around newgrounds and I've been reviewing recently. And I'm bored of reviewing featured flashes. I want to meet new friends and review their videos. I'm always available for tips, and help, with just about ANYTHING! I loved art, I love flash, I love music, I love poetry, and the list goes on...

All I'm saying is, if you want someone to review something you made, or something you recently thought was hilarious, then PLEASE message me. I get bored with featured videos, (but I will admit I LOVE most of the ones I watch) so please guys, if I'm going to be a top reviewer. I need your guy's support... So until then, get on shruggin'.

- Hoodie


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2010-03-30 20:24:54

Cool. I'll let you know when I submit a flash someday.


2011-06-15 20:04:13

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