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DeadRun-End of The Summer DeadRun-End of The Summer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Catchy Tune

Lyrics: N/A

Instruments: N/A

Melody: A impressive melody that gets your body moving. (8/10)

Catchyness: Its obviously a catchy tune that I'll be humming while I'm on my way to the store. (8.5/10)

Genre: Its obviously dance, and it certainly does make me want to dance. (8/10)

Best Part: The best part is probably at 1:47!

Personal Thought: It was a catchy tune, but it was a little TOO repeative. This song is one that'll get stuck in your head pretty easily; Although seeing as its dance music, it obviously deserves my positive review. Keep on doing what your doing, it was pretty damn good.

Overall Score: 8.2/10

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DeadRunProject responds:

Thanks for the review :)
We are glad that you like it :)
Be sure to check out our upcoming releses!